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The Alabama State Militia Artillery was started by Jimmy White and Richard Powell in 1982 with a cannon borrowed from an American Legion Post. Later more cannons were purchased and the unit became an "official" battery with the first big event at Ft. Morgan.The battery is a registered Not-for-Profit Corporation organized to educate the general public about the role of the artillery during the American Civil War. This is accomplished through battle reenactments, military drill and demonstrations, living history encampments, live-fire shooting events, and memorial ceremonies. The battery uses four full scale 12 pound Mountain Howitzer cannons and occasionally has the use of a couple more. ASMA members are located across Alabama, concentrated within the area surrounding Birmingham, but many members also live outside that area. photo
photo The ASMA will usually participate in two large reenactments within the State, two or three living history events, one or two memorial ceremonies, and one or two small reenactments over a year's time. The unit is host to the annual reenactment at Tannehill State Park held on Memorial Day weekend. At least one large out of state event is attempted as well. The battery is unusual in that it also participates in a short range live fire competition, held at Brierfield State Park. All members are encouraged to participate in any of these events. The battery is a family oriented group and welcomes the participation of civilians and children. Members enjoy recreating both battle scenes and camp life, and many evenings are spent gathered around the campfire enjoying popcorn.
The ASMA is also a member unit of the Division of Reenactors, Inc. active in the commemoration and preservation of history. Some of its members are also members of the Fighting Joe Wheeler SCV Camp 1372 in Birmingham. Although the Battery is primarily Confederate, the membership is committed to historically appropriate reenactments and on occasions our guns may participate in reenactments as the 4th Indiana Volunteer Light Artillery. The ASMA holds one annual meeting in December of each year, where business concerning the battery is discussed, and elections for the corporate directors and military officers/NCO's are held. There are discussions of upcoming events for the year and a tentative schedule is set. If you are interested in joining the ASMA or have any questions, please visit our Join Us! or Contacts pages on this site. BOOM!