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While depicting the battle of Franklin Tennessee, this national reenactment was held in Spring Hill (about 10 miles south of Franklin), on a portion of the original Spring Hill battleground and General Hood's headquarters. Sutler's Row and the reenacting battleground was established in the vacinity of the original Confederate campsite.

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theasmacamp_small.jpg theseaoftents_small.jpg artillerylimbers_small.jpg moreartillerylimbers_small.jpg
headingtothetrenches_small.jpg csaartillery_small.jpg artilleryfiringwithinfantryadvancinginthedistance_small.jpg artillerystandingby_small.jpg
csaadvancing_small.jpg csaartilleryatwork_small.jpg battleisunderway_small.jpg csagunsready_small.jpg
federalentrenchments_small.jpg nightfire_small.jpg

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